12 Mar. 2008

Pots and Dopes

Miranda Devine calls Rudd a hypocrite for spending big on an anti-alcohol campaign when he doesn't even drink. She wants the money spent on an anti-dope campaign. But she's evidently been smoking something herself:
Humans have always needed some form of mind-altering drug - whether it's coca, kava, Corona or cab sav. Even nicotine served a purpose, calming emotions and focusing concentration. No doubt road rage and other violent forms of impatience have worsened in response to the decline of cigarette smoking..
Sounds like somebody is craving a ciggie! Ms Devine insists that "any decline in youth alcohol use will be compensated for by a rise in illicit drug use" and the only answer is to limit pub opening hours, so the kids can't get too shit-faced before they all go home to bed.

Of course, there's no chance that they will just drink a lot more quickly, or go light a bing in the park at 3:00 am, because... um...?

Seriously, she does get paid for this crap.

We are a nation of pisspots.