5 Mar. 2008

Howard's End

How pathetic - back home in Australian, the man has barely said one word in defense of his own policies since losing the election. He has barely muttered a word in support of his beleaguered Party, at whose pleasure he always claimed to serve. Now he froths at the mouth in front of cheering US neocons. How sickeningly appropriate.

Here's a PDF of Howard's speech to the US neocons, the last people on earth who still show any interest in what this miserable old fart has to say:
Mr President, ladies and gentlemen I thank you for the honour you have given me in asking me to deliver the 2008 Irving Kristol Lecture.

The American Enterprise Institute, over the years, has consistently defended fundamental freedoms, both personal and economic. It has stoically resisted the insidious tide of political correctness in so many facets of our daily lives.

It has frequently displayed great policy courage – often facing a chorus of ridicule and dissent. This was recently the case regarding the surge in Iraq...
Check out the comments at ABC Online for more of that "ridicule and dissent". Video here for the truly tragic.

Enough! I'm not back to blogging, this just had to be said.