13 Mar. 2008

Happiness Is...?

An illusion, according to the Marquise du Chatelet:
To be truly happy, she ruefully concluded, "one must be susceptible to illusions, for it is to illusions that we owe the majority of our pleasures. Unhappy is the one who has lost them."
That might explain why over why 45 percent of US Republicans say they are "very happy" while only 30 percent of Democrats do. Or maybe it's just because the rich tend to be rightwingers?

But how do you explain why men tend to be happier than women? Some interesting thoughts here.

UPDATE: Fiona Best at ABC Online has more:
In Australia where we have so much and contrary to what we have been led to believe, money, possessions, academic qualifications, drinking, drugging, cosmetic surgery and the fantasy of eternal youth do not make people happy or well - at least not in any deep and lasting sense. Sure, we may be temporarily elated if we win the lottery but will that money buy us what we are really seeking? What are we really seeking?

The answer is love. Humans seek to love and to be loved. That is it - honest to God.