2 Mar. 2008

Bringing Keelty's AFP To Account

Former diplomat Bruce Haigh examines the unchecked growth of the paramilitary wing of the AFP:
There are now over 6,000 police in the AFP. The budget has gone from $365 million in 2000-2001 to $1.86 billion in 2005-2006.

Under the guise of preventing terrorists cells getting a toe hold the AFP has become active in the region...

What is quite clear is that under Keelty, using terrorism, the arc of instability and climate change, the AFP has developed a paramilitary capacity, devouring a quarter of its budget and undertaking military training including in the use of weapons, transport and other logistics...

The AFP needs greater accountability... The AFP needs to be taken in hand. It needs to return to policing duties. Forays into Foreign Affairs should be taken off its agenda.