12 Mar. 2008

Abused Kids

Turns out Private Jake Kovco was abused at the age of seven, and first put a gun in his mouth at the age of 14. Things never got a whole lot better:
After finishing school, Pte Kovco had worked for about three years in the knackery where he used a firearm every day to shoot the animals.
And then there's "Kirsten" the top class US prostitute, a.k.a. Ashley Alexandra Dupre, a.k.a. Ashley Youmans:
"When I was 17, I left home. It was my decision and I've never looked back. Left my hometown. Left a broken family. Left abuse. Left an older brother who had already split.

"Left and learned what it was like to have everything, and lose it, again and again. Learned what it was like to wake up one day and have the people you care about most gone.

"I have been alone. I have abused drugs. I have been broke and homeless. But, I survived, on my own. I am here, in NY because of..."
Well, I'll let you click the link to find out the answer. But both these kids were f***ed a long time ago.