1 Nov. 2007

It's Time For Murdoch To Sack Andrew Bolt

I have said before that I never - ever - read Andrew Bolt. But in this case I clicked through unknowingly from Antony Loewensteins' blog. And loathe as I am to give Bolt's unadulterated crap the oxygen of publicity, this bullshit should be the last column he ever writes.
The battle is actually over. Iraq has been won...
Bolt pretends only 100,000 Iraqis have died, then estimates that Saddam killed 400,000, which means the war was "worth it".

Before you start adding your two cents to the readers' comments (already jam-packed with well-deserved criticism), consider who pays him to write this stuff, who benefits commercially from the online hits his self-generated controversy invites (advertisers love it), and who is the great, unspoken cheerleader of this horrific, illegal war.

Murdoch should sack Bolt for this, and Teh Oz should be inundated with letters to the editor (not comments to Bolt). But there must also be a reckoning for Murdoch, the blood-soaked warmonger behind the wingnut wordsmiths.