14 Nov. 2007

Wanker Of The Day

Miranda Devine rides to the rescue of fellow media whore Caroline Overington:
Overington says it was a joke, and anyone who knows her or has even the most fleeting acquaintance with her knows she is always making such jokes. It's part of her style.
Devine complains that the left has lost it's sense of humour, Ecuyer is a "glamourpuss", and the MediaWatch crew are all bloody mysoginists who cannot appreciate fair and balanced Murdoch-style journalism:
While in Baghdad, with The Australian's political editor, Dennis Shanahan, I interviewed General David Petraeus, the US military commander in Iraq.

It was the first time Petraeus had spoken to journalists about the results of the surge of US troops in Iraq, using specific information and the same graphs he would use in his report to Congress a few days later.

We wrote news stories foreshadowing Petraeus's report to Congress, which proved to be accurate accounts of what Petraeus would say.

But Media Watch missed the news value of our stories and focused instead on ad hominem attacks. I was derided as "an instant expert" whose "elevation to visiting war correspondent has been met with scoffing derision within Fairfax". Really? Prove it, Tim and Monica.

While Media Watch targets women it perceives as not of the correct political persuasion, it won't be winning any Ernies awards for sexism, because the awards organisers are on Attard's and Palmer's side.
Remind me again why Fairfax keep publishing this bitch?

More at LP In Exile.

UPDATE: Jeebus, one week till I kill this blog for good and all, and suddenly I am respectable in the Ozblogosphere again with not one but two links at Club Troppo today. Ken says "Nitpickers might observe that Miranda is actually a Fairfax Angel" - fair enough, Ken, I know Fairfax pay her wages, but I she is definitely cheering on the GG in that link above! And she is Corporatocracy to the bone.