12 Nov. 2007

Hendo The Lying Fascist

What a bloody wanker:
There are two disturbing trends in the current political debate in Western democracies. The first is for antagonists to label their opponents as "fascist". Once upon a time, the term fascist denoted a person with extreme right-wing totalitarian propensities. Now fascist is used to depict someone whose opinions are not liked. It's much the same with the term "liar". It is increasingly common for participants in the public debate to describe their opponents as liars who are addicted to telling lies. What they really mean is they recall events in different ways, disagree on current matters or have contrasting views about the future.

It is common to hear John Howard described as a liar. It's much the same with George Bush in the United States and, until he stepped down as prime minister, the British Labour leader Tony Blair. The accusation is even made about inaccurate predictions. Howard's 2004 commitment to keep interest rates low may have been unwise but it was not a lie.
Hendo elaborates on this grand theme by takins swipes at the ABC, Julian Burnside's New Matilda, Quarterly Essay, The Monthly, Raimond Gaita, DAvid Marr, and anyone else who thinks he is a lying fascist wanker.