19 Nov. 2007

Evil! Evil! Evil!

O.J. Simpson is still relentlessly searching for the man who killed his wife. Tony Blair is still desperately searching for peace in the Middle East. And John Howard is desperately committed to saving Australians from the evil menace of Kevin Rudd:
"My every waking hour and every available minute will be to drive home the risk of Labor."
The funny thing is, all the horrible dangers that Old Uncle Johnny warns about sound just fine to me.

Green balance of power? Tick. WorkChoices rolled back and never to return? Tick. Education reform? Tick. A fresh approach to failing drug policies? Tick.

What's going on? Obviously, I must myself be a part of the great evil which threatens to consume our nation.

I must myself be evil. I must be dangerous. I must be a very bad man.

So there is your choice, Australia - vote Labor and you are bad. Vote Howard and you are good. It's that simple.

PS: You'll never geuss where I found that image. BWAAAHAHA HA!! See, I am very evil.