4 Nov. 2007

Vote Like You Care

My friend Winter Patriot is a finalist in the 2007 Weblog Awards. WP's excellent political blog is struggling to defeat a cooking blog called "Slow Cooker Recipes"!

Winter writes about 9/11 truth, other false flag terror, American politics, the bogus GWOT, and some of the key hot spots of south Asia, especially Pakistan, where things are rapidly deteriorating as we speak. He's done excellent work lately on subjects like the proxy war in Pakistan, the Sadr City airstrikes against sleeping civilians in Iraq, and Blackwater's Nisoor Square massacre.

I just don't see how we can let his blog finish behind -- or even just a little bit ahead of -- a site that tells people how to heat up cocktail wieners in their slow cookers!

Will you help us? I'm sure WP will appreciate it. But this is not just about showing appreciation to WP. If his blog does well in this "election", and especially if it wins, it will bring many more readers to the important stories that he writes.

Click here to go to the polling booth and then click again on the appropriate button to vote for Winter Patriot's blog. The voting is open until November 8th, and you can vote once per category, every 24 hours. If you can vote more than once, that'll be great! And If you can remember to vote every day until the 8th, that'll be even better.

Thank you very much - and good luck WP!