4 Nov. 2007

Pity The Poor Diggers? Piss On That!

AN Australian army officer serving in Iraq says Diggers are disappointed with the media coverage of their positive work in the troubled nation...

"The boys get disappointed with what they see in the media. There's no focus on what we're achieving here, it's more of a focus on the political side and it's really upsetting for them," said Maj Kerr, a 33-year-old from Sydney.
Well, why the hell do you think you are over there in the first place, Major Kerr? POLITICS: Howard wanted to support Bush. Why do you think "the boys" are rebuilding orphanages and painting schools? POLITICS: the warmongers want good PR. What do you want - a big fucking HUG?
"I think the guys have done very well to improve the life of the Iraqis in the area. It's all stuff that is going to help Iraq sort itself out. All we hope is that message gets home. It's not a political issue, we just want people to know we're doing a good job."
You stupid bloody idiot. Do you really think the lives of any Iraqis (aside from Ahmed Chalabi & Co) have improved since the invasion?

Or are you in fact just doing your own bit of PR for the war, three weeks out from an election? Hmmn?