21 Nov. 2007

Coalition "Values" On Display

In all the hype about the latest Coalition smear campaign, not many people have notices that the last one died a very quiet death:
The Herald Sun last night confirmed the Liberal Party claims were based on scouring websites, and did not involve any checks or phone calls to the respective boards, authorities and agencies involved.
This is classic Karl Rove tactics: the big smear, followed by the quiet retraction. You can bet there are people who think the latest smear will also work out in the Coalition's favor, bringing racist issues to the fore at just the right time for their "Base" top hear the dog whistle.

If you are in on the sense of humor, that sort of thing is just hilarious. More decent people would think it's about as funny as Caroline Overington's warped attempts at media seduction.

Howard says he doesn't want to be associated with this. But obviously, as leader of the Coalition, and as the man whose own lack of ministerial accountability has set the benchmark for such "values", he is right at the very heart of it.

Bastards, one and all.