19 Nov. 2007

Howard: "I Like Pervez As A Bloke"

Here's Howard in June 2005:
"I've told the president how much I personally and the Australian government admires his courageous participation and that of his country in the fight against terrorism."

And here's Howard today:
"I like General Musharraf, I think he's been very courageous... I do admire his courage in holding a very difficult balance in a country that has never been easy with democracy.
QUESTION: When is a military dictator not a military dictator?
ANSWER: When he's a military dictator with an atomic bomb.

Which brings us to Iran. Is Howard urging the USA not to bomb Tehran? No. Why not?
"I haven't had any cause to do so because nothing in discussions I've had with President Bush suggests the Americans are doing anything but trying diplomacy, and naturally when you are trying diplomacy you don't take anything off the table," he said.
Well, actually, you DO take things off the table when you want results. Even Doc Holliday kept his gun in his pants when he went into the saloon.