13 Nov. 2007

"We Create Our Own Realities"

Forget the election: Janet Albrechtsen is already writing John Howard's epitaph:
Those who were once his most ardent supporters, those tagged as the PM's aspirationals, may end up dumping the Government because the Coalition has fed their expectations, not managed them.
You see, Howard's problem is that he is just not right-wing enough! All those soft welfare handouts are coming back to bite him in the bum!
It has become political poison to say so but, on average, Australian working families have in fact never been better off.

That is the reality.
Ah, yes! Let Ms. Albrechtsen explain reality to you, kids:
[Rudd] has concocted, with the help of sections of the media, housing crises, health crises and skills crises which, objectively viewed, do not exist...

Howard's problem is that perception has replaced reality. So entrenched is the perception that he cannot even mention the reality.
I guess reality must look a little different from Janet's waterfront Vaucluse mansion.
John Howard
He loved too much