20 Nov. 2007

Bye Bye John

Did anyone see Howard's face in the closing moments of last night's 7.30 Report?
KERRY O'BRIEN: It's funny that the life of this program, and your time as Prime Minister, has almost exactly coincided. We're both about the same age. I must have interviewed you...

JOHN HOWARD: You're not thinking of retiring, are you, Kerry?

KERRY O'BRIEN: I'm saying the program and your time in office. I must have interviewed you about 70 or 80 times as Prime Minister. It's an odd feeling, I must say, to contemplate the possibility that this could be our last, but if this turns out to be the case, thank you sincerely for making yourself available as often as you have even in some of the tougher moments.

JOHN HOWARD: Well I believe in the accountability of public figures in the serious media and even though...

KERRY O'BRIEN: Doesn't mean you've always answered the questions.

JOHN HOWARD: Well I have a focus. My focus is winning the election. You'll understand that.

KERRY O'BRIEN: Mr Howard, thank you very much for joining us tonight.

JOHN HOWARD: Thank you.