5 Nov. 2007

The Business of Efficiency

Here's the story from Flemington that you may not have heard today, from Race Three:
Bling Bling lay motionless on the track, but Bay Story tragically staggered on towards the line with its crushed left hind leg sagging underneath.

Many punters couldn't watch, while others wept as the drama unfolded...
Bugger that, mate! We can't let tragedy stand in the way of fun, can we?

Speaking of fun that is funny, you have to wonder if the RBA guv'nors made their decision early, sat down for some champers and a cheese spread, and watched the Melbourne Cup today. A rate rise announcement in the morning, innit? Meanwhile, you just blew next months' mortage top-up, but hey! - it's all for the good of Teh Economy, right? The joke's on you, sport!

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, men in suits are being thrown in jail. In Burma, men in orange togas are being thrown in jail. In Iraq and Afghanistan....