12 Nov. 2007

Is It Time For Ruddock To Resign Yet?

If the revelations about Izhar Ul-Haque were not reason enough, what about this?
Tony Tran, who was living in Brisbane with his wife and son, was detained in December 1999 when immigration officials told him his visa had been cancelled years earlier.

The Department admitted a mistake and released him after five-and-a-half years, but because he and his son have no permanent resident status they still face possible deportation.

Mr Tran had been in Australia for seven years, and after applying for a spouse visa for his wife he was detained.

This was despite the fact that a letter notifying him of his canceled visa had never been properly delivered to him.

David Manne, director of the Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre, told ABC's Lateline that is illegal.
Let's deport Phillip Ruddock. But what country on earth would accept him?