20 Nov. 2007

Shut Up, Tony

Hopefully this is the last of Tony Abbot's Fairfax Op-Eds:
A credible would-be prime minister should be game for an interview on the Insiders as well as Rove.
But Howard wouldn't even go on Rove, Tony.

Abbott says Rudd will be as bad as the Iemma government, ignoring the fact that (in the opinion of NSW voters, anyway) the Liberal alternative is much worse. The same goes for every other State opposition. Rudd should be hammering this point - the only reason there are Labor governments across the States is because the Liberal alternative is so pathetic.
Something unprecedented will happen on Saturday. A highly effective government will lose despite generally good economic circumstances or 12 months of opinion polls will turn out to be wrong. Australians are not reckless gamblers...
Err, you haven't seen the profit sheets for Aristocrat gaming machines, have you Tony?
... at least not with the future of their country...
... so I think it's much more likely voters will prove the polls wrong than change the government.
In other words, lets all just close our eyes, click our heels, and wish really, really hard for another three years of Howard.
Wall-to-wall Labor governments are much more likely to cover up for each other. It's not good for democracy to have one party in power everywhere.
As opposed to John Howard's "L'Etat, C'est Moi" attitude to secretive and unaccountable Federal government? Puh-lease!