2 Nov. 2007

It's A Set-Back For Your Pa-a-arty

But will it really make a difference?
"One of Kevin Rudd's senior frontbenchers, in an impromptu but nevertheless on-the-record discussion with me, face to face this morning, said that the 'me too' tag will not matter if Labor wins the election because, quote, 'once we get in we'll just change it all'," Mr Price told Southern Cross Broadcasting.

"The frontbencher is Peter Garrett."
Garrett says it was "a short, jocular conversation", implying that he did not mean it. Richard Wilkins confirms that he was just joking.

I recently commented on LP that leftwing critics are probably underestimating Garrett, and that many Labor voters will be secretly hoping that Rudd is NOT going to be a Howard-lite PM (as the Libs now paint him). And it IS late Friday afternoon... So maybe this blooper will actually work in Labor's favour?

Let's see what the media make of it.

One thing to keep in mind: if Labor don't win both houses, they will need to compromise with the Libs to get their laws passed. So maybe it WOULD be a Howard-lite government. Unless the Greens win the Senate, in which case they really WOULD have to dump all the Howard-style policies. Vote Green for the Senate!