14 Aug. 2007

"Get Real"

How totalitarianilly Orwellian. Tony Abbott says the remarks made by Costello were off the record and therefore do not exist:
"If they were off the record in 2005, they should also be off the record in 2007. And if something is off the record it in effect doesn't exist and there's nothing wrong with denying something that didn't exist."
Alexander Downer too is in denial:
"I think voters couldn't be less interested in a lot of gossip about something someone claims happened two years ago which actually ultimately never eventuated," he said.
Saddam's WMD's, which did not exist, were real. But a conversation which was real (three reporters have corroborative accounts and Costello does not deny it took place) does not exist. Like the neocons in Washington, Howard's boys create their own reality.

Last night a drunken Alexander Downer was telling inquisitive reporters to "get real". Indeed.