29 Aug. 2007

Wanker Of The Day

Whoever paid money to get this advertisement on my blog:

The advert links to this nineMSM story, in which Howard bizzarely claims that Rudd's decision not to meet with the Exclusive Brethren is proof that Rudd has done a deal with the Greens:
"The Greens have made it clear that they really have this mob in their gunsights, and they've put the heat on Mr Rudd not to see them."
And yet, as the story also notes:
Australian Federal Police (AFP) are investigating spending before the 2004 election of $370,000 on pro-Liberal and anti-Greens advertising by Willmac Enterprises, a company with links to the Exclusive Brethren.
So actually it's the Brethren who are going after the Greens, not vice versa. And Howard, of course, is supporting them. And somebody is paying money to help spread the smear campaign and muddy the waters. Who? Why?