19 Aug. 2007

Wanker Of The Day: Greg Sheridan

Well, to whom else would Paul Wolfowitz give an exclusive interview, if not the top dawg in Teh Oz's kennel?
He was forced out of [his World Bank] job for allegedly organising an over-generous promotion out of the bank for his partner. It was an absurd charge and the bank ultimately decided he had behaved ethically. Nonetheless there was a kind of frenzy of hostility to Wolfowitz, really from the day he started at the bank.

There is often a sheer irrationality in the hostility directed at Wolfowitz, the highest profile neo-con of all.

In Melbourne this week for the annual Australian American Leadership Dialogue, Wolfowitz took time out for his most extensive interview since he left the World Bank.

He looks well and he seems to have absorbed all the strife that befell him. He agrees what happened to him was an injustice...
Somebody get me a bucket.

See TPM for US reaction to the article.