1 Aug. 2007

Kevin Andrews Must Resign!

I recently suggested that readers send an email to Kevin Andrews telling him to resign. Now some enterprising online dude (or dudette) has gone one step further, setting up a website devoted to the task: Kevin Andrews Must Resign!

Go visit and add your name to the petition!

UPDATE: Kevin Rudd finally starts talking:
"Take this for example - on 27 July Mr Andrews says he would not release Dr Haneef from immigration detention, on 28 July he releases Dr Haneef from immigration detention," Mr Rudd told Southern

"I don't know the basis for the change in that position.

"On 28 July, Mr Andrews claimed that he had no objection to Haneef leaving Australia; on 29 July Mr Andrews claimed Haneef's decision to leave actually heightened rather than lessened his suspicions.

"And on 29 July, Mr Andrews claimed that Dr Haneef attempted to fly home to India, his baby having been born for a month at that stage, and later he admitted it had only been born six days previous.

"All I'm saying is that these positions are difficult for us to understand, those most recent positions and statements by Mr Andrews."