6 Aug. 2007

Howard Looks To Keating For Inspiration

No, really:
Mr Howard reminded the party room that the Keating Labor government had also appeared doomed a month before the 1993 election.
But that was then, and Australians were never really going to vote for a muppet.

Meanwhile, speaking of muppets, and youth trumping age, News Ltd has revealed that Teh Poo picks 25-year-old Amanda over 48-year-old "cougar" Jen:
"You make me happy, you make me smile. All I want to [sic] in this life is to be happy."
I guess he won't be donating much career prize-winnings to East Timor, then.

And News Ltd chairman John Hartigan has warned his newspaper industry colleagues that consumers now want to be involved in creating content:
"We are moving from a speech to a conversation."
Did you hear that, Dennis Sham-I-am? Now shut up and listen to ME!