28 Aug. 2007

Wanker Of The Day

Tony Abbott:
Public hospital problems are the result of bad management, not that orders come from Sydney rather than Canberra.
Oh yeah? So it really doesn't matter whether the States or the Federal government runs our hospitals? So, ummm... what's all the fuss about?
Only someone who's never had to manage a public hospital could believe there are easy ways to reduce waiting lists and only a credulous public could think that announcing you'll fix a problem is the same as doing it.
Well, I've never had to manage a public hospital, Tony, but it seems pretty obvious to me that you could make rapid improvements by building more hospitals, renovating old ones, employing more doctors and nurses, investing in the right technology to speed up diagnoses and treatment, stuff like that.

But instead of spending public money on things like that, Howard's gang have been hiding it under their bed so that they can gloat about a massive surplus (then throw it all to their media friends in the form of election advertising).

God help this country if we ever have a real BIG national emergency, involving widespread death and injury, because we just don't have a hope in hell of dealing with it.