30 Aug. 2007

Wanker Of The Day Number Four

Tim "Inside The Tent" Dunlop. If anyone was still wondering whether Tim has been successfully muzzled by Murdoch, here's proof.

Here's how Tim describes Dennis Shanahan's leading pro-war propaganda article today:
It’s an interesting piece, and provides some further speculation about what Australia’s future role in Iraq may be (at least under the Howard Government).
He doesn't even mention Shanahan's vile blog post or his other bit of "professional analysis".

Sure, Tim provides some contrasting evidence. But it's nothing any self-respecting blogger couldn't collect with a five-minute ride around the regular antiwar blog sites.

And here's how Tim anticipates Petraeus' appearance before Congress:
It’s going to [be] a fascinating process and hopefully, democracy at its best.
Even Tim's own readers at News Ltd are not that stupid, as the comments show.

Make no mistake. Today's orchestrated pro-war media barrage from the likes of Shanahan and Devine is a pre-emptive strike in a critical election issue battle for Howard. Part of the reason Howard has delayed an election this long is that he hopes to use the pro-war hype surrounding the Petraeus Report in Washington as a vindication for his own pro-war bullshit.

No wonder the warmongers think they can just go on doing whatever they like, when even Australia's most prominent blogger is afraid to speak truth to power.

I hope the money is worth it, Tim. Meanwhile, people in Iraq are still dying every day. Every dollar you earn from Rupert is stained with blood. Enjoy.