22 Aug. 2007

Wanker Of The Day

Miranda Devine again, picking up the never-ending stripper story from Herr Bolthead:
It's not a question of lust for topless dancers but lust for power that raises questions about goody-two-shoes Rudd.
But Fraulein Devine has a whole new angle to blend into this anti-Rudd mix:
The esteem in which Rudd holds Murdoch is indicated by the speed with which he raced over to New York for a blessing from the influential media mogul, on his first overseas trip after he became Labor leader. So no one should be under any illusion that anything Rudd did in New York back in September 2003 was not carefully calculated to ingratiate himself with the Murdoch empire.
OMFG! And we thought politicians getting drunk was a scandal! Can you just imagine a Liberal pollie trying to suck up to Murdoch??! Never!

After handing out a free dose of biblical interpretation...
Jesus was hardly a puritan, and all but his most stitched-up followers are sanguine about such matters
... Miranda gets all prosaic (a la Scooter Libby's aspens):
In the wild, a chameleon is a "sit and wait" predator with the ability to change colour rapidly to blend in with its surroundings. Its most successful predator is the rare cuckoo-hawk, a solitary, skulking bird, whose weapons are patience and ruthless surprise.
Yeah, baby, but who is going to vote for the skulking cuckoo? Oh, and get this sign-off:
Disclosure: Col Allan was my editor for several years, and I, too, have dined with him (and his wife, Sharon) in New York and gone to bars for drinks, well into the wee hours.
By her own logic, does that not make Devine a shameless, opportunistic, over-ambitious media whore?