1 Aug. 2007

Terror "Sexperts": Why We Pay Them The Big Bucks

OMFG! Expert warns of terror training tool!
Online virtual worlds like Second Life can be used by terrorists as a training tool, an Australian intelligence analyst has warned.

Warren Reed says jihadists can use the game to rehearse attacks and recruit like-minded players to terrorist organisations.

"It's a very potentially devastating tool," Mr Reed told the Nine Network.

"The majority of people using it probably are kids ... but woven through that you can have terrorist types doing their thing," he said...

"Hardcore real-time training out on a farm somewhere will definitely be the preference but this is a back-up," he said.
Just shoot me. Second Life is the most over-hyped piece of crap since the Segway. It's populated by online sex addicts and bloated corporate wankers looking for new ways to make money.

Why are our governmnet-funded terrorism "experts" going on TV to inflate ridiculous fears? Are they trying to do the terrorists job for them?

One obvious problem with this whole GWOT nonsense is that many of those in charge of it are technophobic Senior Citizens like John Howard, with little or no real understanding of things like "the Internets", the "email thing", virtual worlds and even frikkin' SIM cards. We all tend to fear what we don't understand: these idiots disseminate their own ridiculous fears to the community.

Either that, or they are deliberately exploiting technophobic fears in certain sections of the population. But they wouldn't do that, would they? You decide.