19 Aug. 2007

Arthur Chrenkoff Is Still Alive (Unlike A Million Iraqis He Helped Slaughter)

My, my, my. Formerly world-famous warmonger Arthur "Good News From Iraq" Chrenkoff is apparently alive and well and living on Facebook.

Still hanging out with the same bad crowd, I see. Chrenkoff's list of friends includes notorious rightwing blogger Roger L. Simon and my local Gold Coast Liberal Member for Moncrieff, Steven Ciobo. And Steve Ciobo's friends include John Howard, Malcolm Turnbull, and Joe Hockey.

For anyone who doesn't know the background story here, I'll just note that Chrenkoff blogged pro-war propaganda while working for Queensland Liberal Senator Brett Mason. He left that role for another political posting where such blogging would no longer be part of the job description.

It disgusts me that a person like Chrenkoff is still rubbing shoulders with our political elite. Worse yet is the prospect that he might one day rise to a position of influence within Australian politics. All I can say is that I'll be watching him every step of the way, and his shameful role as a war propagandist will not be forgotten.