9 Aug. 2007

War On The States: Howard's Coalition Calls For "Mass Civil Disobedience"!!!

Can you believe it? Coalition members on both sides of the country are calling on ordinary Australians to mount campaigns of civil disobedience! And with APEC only weeks away! Really!

In WA, Nationals MP Max Trenorden is actively encouraging insurrection:
"The only way we're going to have any impact on that is through a passive resistance of government and basically I mean the same things as Mahatma Ghandi used to do, that is do things that are not quite lawful but are not violent," he said.

"I ve been slammed before, but the facts are we're in a position that unless we make a statement about our current plight in the regions this government is going to totally ignore us."
Ooh, yes, that naughty WA Labor government - they won't even join the Coalition of the ever-so-willing in their War on Aborigines! Max Trenorden wants citizens to fake police reports and show up at hospitals feigning ailments!

And it's the same thing on the other side of the country, where Queensland Opposition Leader Jeff Seeney (no, I've never heard of him either, and I live in Queensland!) is also urging widespread insurrection against the Beattie Labor government:
"I think we'll see mass civil disobedience and that's what I think councils should do," Mr Seeney said.
His call was echoed by disgruntled pro-business Council members across the state.

So there you have it, Australians. Whenever your government pisses you off with laws that you don't like, just toss the law aside. It's what Johnny wants!

Mister Howard government took the lead, of course, tossing aside international laws and treaties like the Geneva convention as he launched a pre-emptive strike on Iraq. Your Prime Minister is proud to be a War Criminal, damn it! Alexander Downer, who helped the AWB breach UN sanctions and support a violent dictator, is another outstanding lawless rebel, as is Kevin Andrews, who threw his own immigration laws out the window just to vilify Dr Haneef. Then there's Phillip "Che" Ruddock, who happily ignored the law to ensure that David Hicks spent five years rotting in Gitmo, and Brendan Nelson, who admits we are only in Iraq for the oil but simply doesn't give a shit what anybody thinks about that.

These are you leaders, Australia, and they are calling on YOU to ignore the laws of this land. It's time we stood up and showed them what we are made of!