12 Jul. 2007

Why Do We Hate Them?

The Liberal bigwigs have launched a media mini-blitz to try and capture tonight's TV soundbites and the news pages tomorrow. It might work for them (it usually does) but I doubt it will help their polls.

Here's Howard on anti-terrorism laws:
"I'm happy with the laws because I sponsored them. I defend them. I would say to your listeners, and I'd say to the Australian public, we are living in different circumstances. Terrorists don't abide by the Marquess of Queensberry rules."
Here's Downer on Iraq:
""I remember when I was at school, when I studied history, there was a saying that a protracted or a long war is an unpopular war. But it does remind me that the quickest way to end a war is to lose it...[not in this case, obviously]

Energy is an important issue for Australia as it is for everybody, but if we had just wanted to get cheap energy out of Iraq we would have all just done a deal with Saddam Hussein."
Notice how both of them take the conversation to absurdly nonsensical levels?