4 Jul. 2007

Howard's Own Words: Defence Becomes Offensive

Let's pull this apart:
Mr Howard warned that Australia had to abandon the "self-defeating" idea that its military posture should be based on home defence.
So let's rename our military money-munchers The Department of Offence.
"Australia cannot afford to wait until security threats reach our shores," he said.
No, we have to go around the world poking at hornet nests.
"There is nothing in the assessments I have seen or in the declared strategic intent of the terrorists to encourage the belief that this is not a major political and military struggle that will go on for many years," he said.
Firstly, "assessments I have seen" suggests there are other assessments the PM has not seen (and we all know how good the PM is at not seeing the assessments he doesn't want to see).

Secondly, he suggests that this has to be a "major political and military struggles" simply because that is "the declared strategic intent of the terrorists". So who is running this bogus "war" thing? Us or the terrrrrsts??? If Bin Laden says we have to fight penguins in Antarctica, will we send a fleet of heavily-armed ice-breakers down there?