16 Jul. 2007

Happy To You, Bloggers

I’d be lost without the blogs I read. They really have opened my eyes to a whole way of thinking, writing and arguing that, having never attended university, I had never been exposed to.
- zebbidies spring
What a lovely thing to read! How inspiring! Of course, he/she does go on to say that 98% of blogs are crap... (heh).

The comment came in an interesting post from Mark Bahnsich at LP, celebrating the blogosphere's 10th birthday, ruminating about where-to-from-here, and reviewing the latest blog-media stoush.

I'm having another one of those thinks about where I am going from here, too. It's not much fun blogging against an old man who cannot even put up a decent fight.

PS:"Happy to you" is how my 2-year-old daughter says it.