17 Jul. 2007

New Ltd Creates The News Again

Mick Keelty says a leak to Teh Oz undermines judicial process in the Haneef case:
The Australian newspaper has today published details about a taped police interview with Haneef, who is charged with providing resources to a terrorist organisation.

Commissioner Keelty says he has sought assurances the leak has not come from police officers and the only other people who had access to the documents are the prosecution lawyers and Haneef's legal team.
Here's the transcript in Teh Oz. He sure doesn't sound like a terrorist:
"Every drop of blood is human. And I feel for every human being," he said.
But talk about the thought police:
Simms: "I guess what I'm getting at is like what are your thoughts in relation to Iraq. The situation in Iraq. The situation in Afghanistan. Do you have any views on that?

Haneef:"Well I don't like to comment on the thing about (that).''
Smart boy. Just say you are opposed to the War in Iraq and they will string you up.