8 Jul. 2007

Howard's Iraq Policy Becomes A Joke

"The best the Coalition can hope for is voters marking Howard up for loyalty and commitment to the US alliance."
- News Ltd hack Matt Price
Man, what a big hole Howard has dug for himself! Watching the Liberals flounder through press questions on Iraq is becoming hugely entertaining (in a sick black humour kind of way). How do you defend, on the one hand, a defense policy which stipulates energy security as a valid excuse for war, but then argue, on the other hand, that Iraq has nothing to do with that? How do you admit that you were misled into a pre-emptive war, but then argue that voters should trust you to fulfill the ever-changing "mission"?

Here's Costello on the ABC's Insiders:
"It is possible to see down the track that you could have wars over energy if growing industrial powers felt that their interests were being contained, but that is not Iraq."
Why not? Because Cossie says so.

To be fair to him, Cossie was ad-libbing - Brendan Nelson pulled out of the show at the last minute. And why wouldn't he? The whole right-wing world wants a piece of his sorry ass, and the left-wing world is just waiting to see how he is going to answer the next batch of questions.