4 Jul. 2007

War On Aborigines: Howard Set To Seize Aboriginal Land

Howard is just waiting for a legal suit to give the nod:
The federal government is seeking constitutional advice on whether it can seize control of troubled Aboriginal town camps in Alice Springs.

Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Mal Brough has met with the Alice Springs city mayor and councillors, who gave unanimous support for the government's radical intervention into remote Northern Territory Aboriginal communities...

Mr Brough said the NT government was entitled to take back control of the land if it could prove the lease agreements under which camps operate had been breached.

Asked what the commonwealth would do if the Territory government did not act, Mr Brough said: "Then we will act".

"I am seeking advice right now, legal advice, as to what powers we have under the constitution ... so that if the Territory does no act I will do everything I can legally do to change those circumstances."