25 Jul. 2007

Lifestyles Of The Stitched-up and Framed

News Ltd does it again. The Herald Sun reports that Haneef's unit was not secured by the AFP for 96 hours after his arrest - then goes on to detail exactly what was in the flat and where. How do they know? Well, they have photos!
The first pictures inside Dr Haneef's modest flat show the simple life he led - and the depth of his religious commitment.

Taken within 48 hours of his swift departure, the pictures show a few basic dishes beside the sink, clothes drying on the balcony with others on an ironing board, and two suitcases on the floor.

In the sparsely furnished unit, Dr Haneef had a magazine with parenting tips, Gold Coast tourist guides, a blue teddy bear and religious books.

An Islamic guide on the wall lists prayers for all aspects of life, advising followers to "Live in the way of Allah, solely for the pleasure of Allah".

In a handful of books on a shelf was one called Ta'leemul Haq, covering the basics of Islam.
Gosh, it all sounds very suss, don't it? But wait a minute:
News Limited papers obtained the photographs which were taken before AFP officers dusted for fingerprints.
In other words, the security of the location has been compromised, and not a damn thing in this News Ltd report would therefore be admissible as evidence in court, and therefore it is not worth a pinch of shit as news.

But what does that matter when the whole aim of the exercise is to ensure that this Muslim foreigner is found guilty in the public mind? That's where the real political payback for all this half-assed police work and unethical journalism lies, right there.

Meanwhile, here's Doctor Haneef's baby:

I wonder what she is going to think of Australia when she grows up? I wonder what she is going to think of our much-vaunted values, and our much-hyped war of terror?