5 Jul. 2007

Downer Says Terrorists Are In Thrall To "The Corporate Ideology"

From Alexander Downer's honorary degree acceptance speech to the Israel Australia Chamber of Commerce Gala Dinner, 26 June 2007, King David Hotel, Jerusalem:
Now I ask myself what should we do about those who are intolerant, those who have ideologies which they wish to impose on others, and those who are prepared to cause suffering to others for the cause of an ideology because the ideology is more important than human life or it’s more important than any individual, that in fact individuals don’t count, the corporate ideology is what counts? And this is what we see from the Islamic extremists from, in our part of the world, in south east Asia, from Jemaah Islamiyah, the Abu Sayyaf group, you see from Al Qaeda, and you see to some extent from both Hamas and Hizbollah right around you here in Israel.
Given what a pliant idiot Downer has proved to be (remember when he was elevated to Liberal Party leader and started joking about calling his anti-domestic violence platform “Things That Batter”?) - and then noting that Australia's criminal-connected Thai government fugitive deputy high commissioner to Sri Lanka, Matthew Hyndes, has just had his contract extended, I can only conclude one thing:

Our nation’s Foreign Service has been commandeered, either The Cheney Gang in Washington (with Likud support, of course) or by The Global Mafia (maybe the same thing).

You heard it here first (well, unless you read my comment at LP first).