9 Jul. 2007

Wankers Of The Day

Everyone at News Ltd. Just look at these headlines:
Howard checks Rudd’s march
Kevin’s sizzle not snag-free
Howard finds fertile ground for support
And then compare with the ABC:
Labor still ahead in latest opinion poll
Obviously, our national broadcaster is a totally biased tool of left-wing extremists!!! Thank gawd Janet Albrechtson is on board to mete out punishment! But did you know that she also has a News Ltd blog?
Everyone agrees urgent action is needed. Everyone except the vested interests. The power-drunk Aboriginal leaders who control those communities are one of the biggest hurdles to urgent action needed to address the dysfunction infecting their own communities. And, of course, the army of activists and lawyers who support them.
Another sample:
It is not always easy working out the limits of our cherished liberalism. Western liberalism’s greatest achievement is the contest of ideas that thrives in a free market of ideas. We know from experience that an open and rigorous debate about ideas means the bad ideas tend to get flushed out and replaced by better ideas. So it’s not easy saying this: it is time we banned Hizb ut-Tahrir, a group that operates freely in Britain and Australia.
Clever eh? Ban the non-violent moderates, enrage them, alienate them and radicalise them. That should keep the War of Terror ticking along nicely for another decade or two. Or what about this:
Turning Salman Rushdie into a sir has been a handy health check on whether the West has learned the costs of appeasement.
I have been reading the Latham Diaries, in which he rightly bemoans the "machine politics" taking over Labor. But Labor has no machine to compare with this right-wing propaganda juggernaut. We Aussies have become so used to it that we hardly even notice any more.