19 Jul. 2007

Death of The Liberals: "Shit Happens. Mate."

Costello dumping on Howard just before an election says it all. Now here's Tony Abbott's considered analysis of the latest setback:
"Shit happens."
Well, that should help. I guess the same response covers the Iraq War. Or the wrongful detention of Dr Haneef. Or David Hicks. Or the Children Overboard "mistake". Shit happens. Nobody is ever accountable.

Meanwhile, Howard is sounding ridiculous, praising his back-stabbing Treasurer for his great work:
The PM said Mr Costello was still the frontrunner to replace him as leader.

"I believe Peter is the logical choice to succeed me," Mr Howard told Macquarie Radio.

"Everything comes to an end and there will be a time in the party's interest and the party's desire that I no longer be leader."

Asked if that time was imminent, Mr Howard replied, "No, it's not close, mate, it ain't close."
But at my back in a cold blast I hear
Time's winged chariot drawing near...

And get this, Howard says Australia will never, ever set up a nuclear waste dump for our US mates. But the Liberal Party's Federal Council recently voted for Australia to do just that. And Howard, even if he could somehow win the next election, and even if he doesn't backtrack on this promise, is not likely to serve a full term. Maybe we should be asking Costello?

And talk about "shit happens" - did any of these fools notice what just happened to one of the world's safest nuclear plants in Japan?

I remember, not so long ago, when Australians were proud of our world-leading solar energy industry. I remember when we talked excitedly about becoming "part of Asia", and breaking free of our colonial ties to Her Maj. I remember the extraordinary sense of confidence and optimism that forced Howard to allow a referendum on independence...

UPDATE: Having seen Abbot's "shit happens" comment on TV, I think it can fairly be interpreted as, "That's all, folks. We're fucked." He was surrounded by journalists and he basically couldn't be bothered trying to dig his way through the mess of lies required to cover up this latest gaffe, so he just threw up his arms and spat out an expression of disgust. Abbot is basically saying that if the unpopular PM cannot dig his discredited party out of the poll-drums, and if Costello cannot keep his big mouth shut, why should HE bother trying.

Personally, I think there is only one viable solution for the Libs - all those in Cabinet who would resign from politics in the event of a Labor landslide election should quit now. Bring some young blood into the arena, maybe the crowd will get a sniff of it. What have they got to lose?

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