23 Jul. 2007

Murdoch Media Massages the Anti-Muslim Message

I just posted this comment on Blogocracy, but Tim Dunlop has again censored me. Let's see if he has the balls and the integrity to at least address it:
The Murdoch press has been an integral part of this whole Haneef story throughout. Given that Murdoch controls nearly every single SE QLD newspaper, including the free local weeklies, that's probably no surprise.

The Australian leaked the transcript (criticized as illegal by Keelty). The Sunday Mail's outrageous lies were denied by Keelty himself within 24 hours. The Australian claimed police wrote in Haneef's diary (Keelty now denies this too). Etc, etc, etc.

This is all just part of a concerted global effort across all Murdoch publications to promote fear, sensationalize and distort the real issues of terrorism, and stifle the ugly truth about our Oil War in Iraq. It's also part of a pattern of lies supporting the Bush, Blair and Howard governments.

I am not saying that there is no good reporting coming out of News Ltd. I'm saying that there is a hell of a lot of half-assed bullsh*t and straight-out lies. And there are never any repercussions, written apologies, or accountability.

"What's going on", Tim? Maybe you should be telling us... It's about two weeks now since you copped the heavy hand of Murdoch censorship with barely a whimper of protest.

Seems to me that News Ltd in Australia could do with an Ombudsman/woman, as the NYT and WaPo have in the USA. I would suggest a national boycott of the Murdoch press, but it's a bit hard to ignore the world's biggest media outlet when they are continually MAKING the news, rather than just reporting it.
Of course, it's not just the Haneef case: News Ltd has been fancifully creating the news on behalf of Howard's slow-train-wreck government for the past six months, with no luck.

And here was me, way back in April, thinking that Rudd had ass-kissed his way to the lodge after wining and dining Rupert in NYC! But as Greg Baxter, the director of corporate affairs for News Limited, said way back in December:
Your "Beazley-bashing gathers momentum" (November 20) reports that Rupert Murdoch will back Labor if it installs a Kevin Rudd-Julia Gillard leadership ticket. This is wrong. No one at News, including Murdoch, has given any hint of any such thing to Beazley, Rudd or Gillard or to any apparatchik on either side of politics, or to anyone in the press gallery.
Well, there's not doubt about that any more.