23 Jul. 2007

We Throw The Book At Haneef, But We Throw The Book Out The Window For US Marines

Yet another fucking disgrace:
A US marine charged over a drunken joy-ride at Darwin airport turned up to face a magistrates court as ordered on Monday only to find his case was not listed for mention.

Jacob Strock, 20, was arrested on Sunday morning and charged with seven security offences.

The marine allegedly drove a vehicle while intoxicated through the gates to the main runway of the Darwin International Airport shortly after midnight, according to an Australian Federal Police (AFP) statement.

The charges include destroying or damaging commonwealth property and trespassing on commonwealth land as well as having prohibited items in airport security zones and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

He was released on bail to appear in Darwin Magistrates Court on Monday.

But when he arrived at the court shortly after 9am (CST) in a hire car, the marine was told there was no record of his charges.

An AFP spokesman said the matter had been passed on to the Commonwealth DPP, but the prosecutor handling the case, Adrienne Cooper, refused to speak to the media.
What a farce. Memo to all US military personnel - come to Australia, do what you fucking like, the law cannot touch you, Uncle Sam rules in Oz. Yeehah!