21 Jul. 2007

Deafening Silence, Sick Society: Call A Doctor!

So the key piece of evidence against Dr. Haneef was either fabricated or a screw-up. But he's still in detention and the Howard government's silence is deafening. Mick Keelty should resign over this - it's not the first time he's ignored the facts, bent over and handed the political lube to Howard. Tampa 2.0 this is not - more like Hicks 2.0.1.

Now the news is spreading around the world about what racist terror-mongering assholes Australians are - and they are right, of course. Alas.

PS: If there are any regular readers hoping to find some interesting new content here, the reason it's pretty light on lately is that I am sick. I was going to say "Sorry for the light posting lately.." but I am not really sorry. I'm sick, for fuck's sake!

And I'm not the only one sick in these SE QLD parts. We just had the coldest day in history up here, which is no doubt due to Global Warming, and we all know that Howard's to blame for that, so it's his fault I'm sick.