4 Jul. 2007

Is Australia Ready To Sign Up For Future US Oil Wars?

What the fuck are we doing? If our own words and actions are confirming everything the Islamic fundamentalists say, is it any wonder such hateful theology is on the rise? Put yourself in the shoes of an Iraqi insurgent, fighting to rid his country of the foreign military occupation. Imagine what this sort of shit sounds like to them:
"Yes, we are in your country to secure our oil habit, and no, we will never leave until the last drop of black gold has been sucked from your desert sands. And we will keep on bombing you and killing you and imprisoning you and torturing you and sodomising you and your women and children until you stand aside and let us have what we want.

And we will support a puppet government in Baghdad, and prop them up with military support of every kind imaginable, and we will call this a functional democracy, and we will draft an Oil Law and push it under their noses until they sign it, and if they don't sign it we will force them from government and we will find other leaders who will follow our instructions, and we will command these leaders to do as we say.

Then we will send in our oil companies, surrounded by private mercenary armies, and if you so much as look at them we will call down death from the sky, with thousands of troops storming out of our permanent military bases... etc etc. Resistance is futile. Give up now."
Then imagine what these same insurgents might think of anti-Western propaganda from Islamic fundamentalists.

The bogus "war" or terrorism was really just another excuse to grab oil, and increased terrorism is just an inevitable by-product of that oil grab, and thus the whole "War" operation becomes a self-fulfilling cycle that never ends till all the oil is gone, or all resistance is terminated (with prejudice).

The truth is that the Iraqi insurgents will never be able to defeat the military might of the USA. As Bush says repeatedly, all the USA has to do in order to "win" is just refuse to ever withdraw. And they only way our corrupt government will ever be forced to withdraw is if we, the people of the invading nations, force them to do so.

A long list of honourable countries refused to partake in this illegal invasion. Many more have quietly withdrawn after recognising the gross violation of human decency to which they were contributing. Australia remains.

What has become of us, my fellow Aussies? How did we come to re-elect John Howard when we knew - we knew! - this horrible truth?

Who are we? Where are we going? What kind of world are we creating for our children and our children's children?