2 Apr. 2008

The Reflecting Pool

Joel S. Hirschhorn reviews a movie you probably won't be seeing at a filmfest near you anytime soon:
It is not about 9/11. It is about the credibility of the official government story about 9/11...

The plot follows the efforts of independent journalist Alex Prokop and Paul Cooper, a researcher and father of a 9/11 victim, to piece together fact-fragments into a picture that ultimately implicates the US government in the attacks. The horror of this revelation rivals the horror of the 9/11 events themselves, especially when we realize that far more people, especially American soldiers, have died because of 9/11 in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan than on 9/11. Yet to close our eyes to this truth makes us co-conspirators in one of the world’s most devilish and despicable events.
I think this movie takes an intelligent approach: rather than jumping to conclusions about 911 (even the most intelligent of which are necessarily based on minimal evidence and conflicting accounts) it's better to focus on the gaps in the official narrative.

For example, I have often wondered if the plane that was supposedly brought down by passengers on 911 was supposed to hit Building 7. If there were explosives in the building already, perhaps the decision to "pull it" was made as much to hide that evidence as anything else. But that's just pure supposition, based on a desire to understand things which have never been properly explained.

And that's the real issue right now. For example: why didn't Bush give whole-hearted support to the 911 Commission from the get-go? Why did he install someone like Phillip Zelikow to head the commission (he wanted Henry Kissinger originally!)? Why was it so hard to get the truth from people like Condi Rice? Who wouldn't Bush testify under oath without Cheney at his side?

What are these guys hiding?

This story will never die until we find out the truth.
The film illustrates that, as so often is the case, the truth does not set you free; it ties your stomach and conscience into knots. It will remind you of All the President’s Men and JFK, films that also used drama to pursue political truths.

The DVD is available for only $15 on http://reflectingpoolfilm.com/ and you will want to loan it to friends and family or give as a gift, which is made especially attractive with even lower prices for packs of five or ten DVDs. An extended trailer is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32b-e-xwuB8. Details about the film and its actors are at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1015468/.

Video rental outlets like Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, Netflix and Redbox should make this DVD available. Otherwise, it is further evidence that status quo thinking is subverting 9/11 truth to the detriment of American democracy. Public libraries should also stock this important educational film. Once you watch it you too will feel strongly about it reaching a wide audience.

Warning: No matter what you know or think you know about 9/11, this movie will rattle your brain, make you think, and perhaps keep you up at night.