13 Apr. 2008

Giving Me Money Is Foolish! I Cannot Be Bought!

Tonight's Four Corners story about corrupt developers bribing corrupt NSW politicians has echoes of what happened here on the Gold Coast. Local councilors set up a bank account and property developers just put money into it because they wanted to.

And surely all this has major repercussions at the Federal level too:
Professor Botman says corporate fundraising is also the most powerful thing an ALP member can do.

In the late 1990s, a new class of political deal-makers perfected a system of fundraising that made NSW Labor rich.

A few years ago, property developers overtook the unions as the biggest donors to the state party, giving almost $15 million in nine years.

But NSW ALP assistant general secretary Luke Foley has told Four Corners the party's emphasis on fundraising is dangerous.

"If we're simply a brand with a good advertising campaign when an election comes round and nothing else, we only engage in the empty pursuit of power," he said.

"There's a risk that some people may think they can earn brownie points by bringing in the dollars...

"We ought not tolerate a culture where there's even a perception that bringing in the dollars for the party will get you ahead within the ranks of your political party."
Don't expect too hear too much noise from Nelson, Turnbull et al.