16 Apr. 2008

Political Insanity

Honestly, what is it with US politicians and the public who let them get away with this shit? TPM has a great video compilation of Doug Feith's ridiculous media appearances. The sheer stupidity of his illogical, self-contradictory arguments is enough to make you gag.

Then Salon has this quote from Joe Lieberman:
"To show you how much things have changed for me, one of my greatest missions this year is to convince Rush [Limbaugh] to support the Republican candidate for President."
Yeah, and Lieberman is (still) a Democrat. You wonder why they can't get troops out of Iraq? Here's John McCain saying we will all look back on Iraq as an "academic argument". And here's how the President congratulates the Pope after a speech on human rights and morality:
"Thank you, your holiness. Awesome speech."
HuffPo has the video. What's really "awesome" is that the Pope didn't verbally tear shreds off Bush, and personally scold him for all his administration's self-evident sins!

Meanwhile, Clinton and Obama gear up for yet another debate, where Hillary's only remaining option is to tear shreds off her opponent. As I emailed Josh Marshall yesterday:
Surely the most important point about any comparisons with previous nomination fights is that this year, sitting on the other side of the equation, you have Bush, Cheney and McCain.

This year, while Clinton and Obama keep landing blows on each other, you have Iraq, Gitmo, gulags and (coming soon) Iran.

This year, while Clinton and Obama argue about meaningless little phrases, you have GOP wiretapping, DoJ corruption, unchecked "executive privilege", and all the rest of it.

This year, while Clinton and Obama suck the oxygen out of the political media, you a global financial crisis, a global fuel crisis, and an emerging global food crisis.

It is most certainly the worst Dems nomination fight ever, simply because of the price being paid to wage it.
It's criminal insanity, isn't it? The stupidity is not just maddeningly frustrating, it's dangerous.