6 Apr. 2008

Kev's New Bestest Friends

Murdoch hacks are reinventing themselves as a Close Friends Of Kev. Today Planet J. defends Rudd's demeaning salute to Bush:
"Anyone who has met the PM can vouch for the fact that this simply his rather awkward form of greeting."
[Sic]. That's top-class writing right there, kids. BTW Kev salutes everybody in the News Ltd office, dontcha know?

Sheridan and the team at News Ltd are all frothing with delight at Rudd's trip to the USA. He didn't tell the Bush to take his Military Industrial Complex and stuff it, so now he's their new Bestest Friend Evuh:
Once again anyone who knows Rudd knows that he is a long-time supporter of the Australia-US alliance...
And of course being a Close Friend Of Kev is clearly what makes Janet such an indispensable read nowadays. But her influence doesn't end there - it's planetary!
I was contacted by a senior editor from a major US newspaper ... I was also approached recently by the BBC.. I was, apparently, the go-to-gal for criticisms on the Labor Government, given my conservative tendencies.
Look at moy, Rupert! Look at moy...! I'm not just a hack, I'm a player! No, really I am!