6 Apr. 2008

Memo To CCP And IOC Members

This is not a good look.
Pictures of the London relay were broadcast on China's state-controlled TV, but not of the protests and disruption.
The Olympics became a business quite a few years ago, when nobody wanted to host the games until they realised they could turn a profit. And of course TV revenue is the key, so the meejah is a playa.

UPDATE: Jeremy Sears slams Rudd's fence-sitting. My comment:
And you've gotta love this media line that boycotts and protests are a waste of time because the Chinese people never get to see them. In fact, according to this meme, the Chinese people have been educated to believe that Tibet and Taiwan are parts of China and anybody who denies that is a radical terrorist, so if we don't want to offend the Chinese people (who after all have no skin in the political game) then we should all shut about that too.

Has Beijing been buying stakes in our news companies, or are our media barons still just trying to crack that market by sucking up to the mandarins?