9 Apr. 2008

Torch Farce Continues

Latest news from LA Times:
In the early afternoon, the “first flame bearer left the podium near downtown and, surrounded by security, dashed into a massive pier-side building less than 300 feet away, leaving stunned onlookers shaking their heads,” Los Angeles Times staff writer John Glionna reported today.

Later in the day, angry protesters engaged in shoving matches with police over the sudden route change that apparently was made to deter any violent clashes with demonstrators. The Associated Press then reported that the planned closing events for the Olympic torch at the waterfront were canceled and “another one will take place at an undisclosed location.”
Seriously, what's the point? Once things have reached this level, you are better off canceling such events, right? Well, not if you are in control of the media:
Here’s how the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games official website covered the torch relay: “San Francisco embraces Olympic flame with pride.” The story, written by New China News Agency, went on to say: “Under a sunny sky, thousands of people began gathering along the route of the Olympic torch relay early Wednesday morning to show their support for the torch run.”
Canberra please take note: do we really want to be a part of this?